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Apr 07

TCA: Why 'Ironside' Producers Didn't Cast a Paraplegic Actor - TheWrap -

About to dive into Ironside seeing as it started in the UK a couple of weeks ago. Doing related reading.

Apr 04

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: End of the Beginning

Jesus. Not every disabled person is a supervillain. Or supervillain’s henchman/sidekick/patsy.

OK, so Mike Peterson is in a kill or be killed situation. I’d choose be killed.

Glee: New New York

Contains a scene which is essentially an instruction guide on “how to mug a wheelchair user.”

Thanks for teaching that to budding muggers everywhere, Ryan Murphy.

Mar 27

Disabled characters are written into stories for one reason: the disability. Do most people actually believe real disabled people spend our days obsessing about being cured? Or rhapsodizing about killing ourselves? Here is the truth: Disabled people barely ever even think about our disabilities. When we do think about them, it’s usually because we are dealing with an oppressive, systemic problem, such as employment discrimination. Can’t there ever be a disabled character in a book or film just because? Where the topic doesn’t ever come up? All sorts of interesting stories can be written about a disabled character, without the disability ever being mentioned. You know, just like real people.

The vast majority of writers who have used disabled characters in their work are not people with disabilities themselves. Because disabled people have been peripheral for centuries, we’ve been shut out of the artistic process since the beginning. As a result, the disabled characters we’re presented with usually fit one or more of the following stereotypes: Victim, Villain, Inspiration, Monster. And the disabled character’s storyline is generally resolved in one of a few ways: Cure, Death, Institutionalization.

” — Susan Nussbaum, Disabled Characters in Fiction (via kassapti)

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Mar 20

Finally Grey’s Anatomy looking at the perks of having an impairment:

"I think you broke my leg! It’s OK, I have another one in the car."

Mar 19

BBC - Blogs - EastEnders News & Spoilers - Lisa Hammond joins EastEnders -

Mar 18


a girl once told me that we didn’t need disabled representation in the media because “the media is where we go to forget about our problems”

sorry, I didn’t realize that disabled people are “problems” we need to get away from or “forget” you ableist shit

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Mar 13

The beauty of scars

Mar 10

Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer kiss in new The Normal Heart trailer -

Julia Roberts. Not an actual paraplegic actress. But, what else would you expect from Ryan fucking Murphy.

Mar 09

Able-Bodied Actors and Disability Drag: Why Disabled Roles are Only for Disabled Performers | Balder and Dash | Roger Ebert -